Welcome to The Mac Place, a Mac Support and Consultancy company

operating throughout the UK

Macs are being used throughout the UK in more businesses, homes and schools than ever before. As a support and consultancy firm we help our customers with the planning, deployment, maintenance and support of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server based systems.

We provide an extensive knowledge of what is possible with Macs in businesses ranging from the print and design industries, to fashion, audio and video work and to general use in schools, colleges, universities and homes. This may be in designing and specifying entire systems, supporting the business in place of an internal Mac helpdesk, or in a consultancy role in dealing with problems and requirements outside of the areas of expertise of in-house staff.

In particular we have extensive experience of working with large Windows based IT departments; providing the Mac support where their knowledge of OS X is more limited. In connection with this we also have a great deal of experience in integrating Macs into heterogenous network environments, particularly those based upon Active Directory forests.

For Mac based companies we have ACSA (Apple Certified Systems Administrator) accredited staff certified with the most up to date version of Apple’s server operating system. We have expertise in the entire range of OS X server deployments including mail services, DNS, web services, system imaging and both small and large scale Open Directory deployments.

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